About us | WhippedWonderlandSkincare

About us 

♡ WhippedWonderlandSkincare is a Natural, Handmade & Crueltyfree Skincare brand; created in 2021, Newport News Virginia.


Our Mission 

We strive to provide Skincare/Bodycare products to help you Achieve healthier glowing skin! We pride our products in being made without harmful additives and chemicals. So you can feel confident within your skin!


Meet the CEO ♡

Hi, I’m Ashley the 23 year old CEO of WhippedWonderlandSkincare founded in Virginia, United States. I’ve been interested in skincare and researching different benefits since 2018 and began to apply the natural ingredients I learned, when I started really suffering with extremely dry + combination skin and breakouts to chemically processed soaps. Soon I noticed my favorite brands irritated my skin and I began to start using natural skincare which helped me, I gave my starter products to my friends/family…and here we are!  Running a business can definitely be challenging, however one of my favorite quotes say : “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.”

I’m so grateful for everyone’s support on this journey and with God am looking forward to seeing where WhippedWonderlandSkincare is headed in the future!


True beauty & Selflove starts from within, mixed with persistence and faith will make you unstoppable.